The Three Statements That Strike the Essential Points

Homage to the Guru.

The view is Longchen Rabjampa: The meditation is Khyentse Odzer:
“the infinite vast expanse” ; “the light rays of wisdom and compassion”;

And the conduct is Gyalwe Nyugu: Anyone who practices wholeheartedly in
“the sprouts of future Buddhas”. this way

Will surely attain Buddhahood within a single And even if one does not (attain Buddhahood
lifetime; in this lifetime), one's mind will surely enjoy happiness. A-la-la!

As for the view of Longchen Rabjampa Here are the three statements that strike the
(the infinite vast expanse), actual essential points (of the practice).

First, allow one's own mind to settle into Without thoughts, neither diffusing nor
a relaxed state, concentrating them.

While in this condition, a state of equanimity Suddenly utter PHET! which strikes the
and complete relaxation, thought (that has arisen)

Forcefully and abruptly. EMAHO There remains nothing else except a sharp
(how marvelous)! startled awareness;

This startled awareness is directly penetrating. Nothing arises that impedes it; it is indescribable.

One should recognize this as the immediate This direct introduction to one’s own nature is
Intrinsic awareness which is the Dharmakaya the first essential point itself.

Whether (thoughts) are proliferating or Whether there arises desire or anger,
remaining in a calm state, this is perfectly happiness or sorrow, all right.

At all times and on all occasions, One should hold to the recognition of the
 Dharmakaya which has been recognized previously.

Reuniting the Clear Lights of the Mother and One should settle oneself into this state of
of the Son, indescribable Awareness.

Whether there arise experiences of the calm With the sudden explosive uttering of this
state, or of pleasurable sensation, or of clarity, syllable PHET that unites skillful means
or of thoughts proliferating, shatter them and wisdom. again and again

Thereupon there will be no difference And there should also be no distinction between
between the state of even contemplation a meditation session and the non-session
and what is subsequently realized; afterwards (in continuously maintaining this
 intrinsic awareness).

One should continuously remain in this Nevertheless, if one is unable to attain
state where they are inseparable. stability in this,

Then having renounced all worldly And divide one's practice into discrete
entertainments, it is important to meditate sessions.

At all times and on every occasion, One should continue in the state of this
single Dharmakaya

And one should be certain that there is Thus, directly and discovering this unique single
nothing other than this. state is the second essential point.

At that time, whatever desires or aversions, Whatever discursive thoughts may suddenly arise,
whatever happiness or sorrow,

(While remaining) in the state of recognizing Since one holds to the recognition of the
them, one does not follow after them. Dharmakaya on the side of liberation,

Then, for example, like drawing pictures There is no discontinuity between the self-arising
on the water, (of thoughts) and their self-liberation.

(Therefore) whatever arises (in the mind) Whenever movements (of thought occur), they
becomes the food for empty naked represent the creative energy of the king who is
Awareness (and is consumed); the Dharmakaya;

Without leaving a trace, (these thoughts) are Although the way of their arising seems to be the
self-purified. A-la-la! same as previously,

But the difference between liberation and Without this, meditation will merely
non-liberation (self-aring and self-liberation represent a path of erroneous delusions.
siof thoughts) is crucial.

But if one possesses this (essential point), Therefore, directly continuing with confidence in
then this non-meditation is truly the state (self-)liberation is the third essential point.
of the Dharmakaya.

With regard to this view, which embraces The meditation that links together wisdom and
these three essential points, compassion,

As well as the conduct in general of the Sons Even if all of the Buddhas of the three times
of the Victorious Ones, act as friends (to the deliberated together,
view and support it).

There would exist no higher teaching than The creative energy of intrinsic Awareness,
this. which is the Treasure Master of the Dharmakaya,

Brought forth this treasure from out of the But this is not like extracting ore from the
vast expanse of wisdom. rocks of the earth;

Rather, it represents the last testament of It is the iritual essence of the three transmission
spGarab Dorje himself; lineages

And should be given to the sons of one's Its meaning is profound and spoken from the heart.
heart and sealed.

It represents my heartfelt advice, being the This essential point of the real meaning should
essential point of the real meaning. not be allowed to disappear,

Nor should one allow this secret instruction This is "The Special Teaching of Shri Gyalpo"
to be lost!