H. E. Ayang Rinpoche’s teachings are all related to Buddha Amitabha in the Vajrayana path. For this purpose Ayang Rinpoche founded Amitabha Foundations all over the world and he travels to all his centers every year to give teachings.


There are many pure lands created by many Buddhas but the entry is strict and those sentient beings that have already purified all their negative karma may enter. Buddha Amitabha seeing this and realizing how difficult it is for sentient beings to totally purify all negative karma, created a special pure land called Dewachen. Sentient beings with negative karma are allowed to attend this pureland. Having reached this wonderful pure land he/she will be able to learn and practice Dharma until enlightenment without being reborn again in Samsara.

Mahayana consists of Hetuyana (cause) and Phalayana (fruit). The Hetuyana or the Sutrayana consists of all the practices without tantric initiations. In the Phalayana or the Vajrayana there are many means (paths) to attain enlightenment through the Generation and Completion processes but one must diligently practice over a period of time before on can realize one’s Buddhahood.